Millions of Black Shade Balls Dumped To Protect LA Reservoir

This might look like the worlds greatest ball but in reality these millions of balls being dumped into a California reservoir are just a small piece in the puzzle to put an end to California’s devastating drought.

In their effort to put an end to their record-breaking drought, the state of California came up with an unusually hypnotizing solution that will not just help conserve water but will also save them millions of dollars.


A total of 96 million black shade balls were released into 175-acre Los Angeles reservoir in Sylmar, California to stop three hundred million gallons of water from evaporating.

These shade balls will not just prevent water from evaporating, but it will also protect it from a chemical reaction that produces the carcinogenic compound called bromate. This chemical can be toxic to humans if ingested in large amounts. The shade balls also protect the water from dust, rain, wildlife, and other contaminants.

They are made up of polyethylene, the same material use in milk jugs, so they are guaranteed to be safe and won’t affect the drinking quality of water.

That’s all good and stuff but we just kind of want to throw on our swim suits and go diving into the world’s biggest ball pit!


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