Meet The Mega Egg. You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside

Sean Wilson, the guy who discovered the gigantic chicken egg weighing in at almost half a pound and with an 18 inch diameter, is baffled how big the egg turned out to be. The egg is almost triple the size of a normal egg. The most shocking revelation came when he cracked it open to see what’s on the inside. Watch the video and find out what he just discovered.


Currently, the record for the largest chicken egg in the world was the one discovered back in 2009 by Zhang Yinde from Suihua, Heilongjiang Province, China. His hen had laid a 6.3 centimeters wide and 9.2 cm long egg weighing 201 grams or at least 7 ounces. It is actually three times heavier than an ordinary egg—setting the world record for the largest chicken egg.

Though Sean Wilson’s chicken egg did not break the record, it is still amazing to see stuff like this.


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