Make Your Own Marble Effect Jar

This DIY is so fun to do and very simple to do, but it can get a little messy, but that’s art, so it should just be fine.



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 What you’ll need:

  • Jar
  • Spray paints (colors of your choice)
  • Small tub (basin)
  • Gloves
  • Newspapers


Let’s get started:

1.First, some reminders – make sure that you are using a tub or container(basin) that you wouldn’t mind getting completely dirty and wrecked since the procedure is messy. Have some newspaper all over the floor, and do this in a ventilated area. If you can’t avoid doing this indoors, make sure to use a mask or have a window open. But ideally, do this outside.

2. The color of the spray paints will depend on your preference and what end result you’d like to achieve. You can use so many different variations. To start just hold the spray paint close to the water, but not too close, and spray it. Then do this on the second color of your choice. You may use alternating colors to create a beautiful marble pattern. In this tutorial, colors used were black, silver and gold, spraying alternatively.

Make Your Own Marble Effect Jar

3. Use gloves, and dip the jar. If you have a deeper tub, you can just dip it from the top, if not, dip it sideways and turn making sure the jar’s surface is all covered. Wait for it to dry. If you see some bubbles, just take a cuticle stick and run it over to squeeze the water and you’re done.

Make Your Own Marble Effect Jar


The beauty of marbling is that there is really no pattern to copy. The end results are unique that no pattern are exactly the same. It is free art and abstract, and you’re pretty much just spraying with the colors of your choice and transferring it by dipping the object, in this case, on the jar. Try it now!



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