Make A Laptop Case Look Like A Vintage Book

There’re a few benefits to covering up your laptop to look like a book with this DIY vintage book laptop case. Not only does it look totally awesome, someone’s less likely to use their five finger discount and help themselves to your computer if all they see is a book sitting on a table.


Here’s what you’ll need to create your own laptop case.


• Hardcover book
• Zipper
• Bias tape
• Faux leather fabric
• Super glue


1. Look for an old hardcover book; make sure your laptop fit inside the book.
2. Using a craft knife, remove the inside of the book.
3. Pin the bias tape to the zipper. Sew the bias tape to the zipper making sure that it is stitched close to the zipper.
4. Cut a rectangular piece of the fabric that you’re going to use. The width of the fabric should be around 6 inches and the length should be ¾ inches longer than your book.
5. Cut out 4 pieces of right angled triangles from your fabric. Make triangular loose ends at the top of each triangle.
6. Sew a straight stitch on all the pieces you’ve cut.
7. Take the rectangular piece of fabric and put some glue in the center, spread the glue using a brush.
8. Place the book spine on the glue carefully and wait for it to dry.
9. Spread glue on each side of the fabric and stick them to the book.
10. Fasten the glued parts with hair pins and rubber band while waiting for it to dry. This should make the fabric stick well to the book.
11. Once dry, make 2 cuts at the rectangular fabrics’ ends, so you can stick them to the edge of the book neatly.
12. Secure with hair pins while waiting for the glue to dry.
13. Place the triangular pieces of fabric on the corners of the book cover and stick them down with glue on the edges. Secure with pins.
14. Trim the zipper to fit the case, but leave 1-inch allowance for gluing.
15. Apply glue on the edges and carefully press the bias tape down onto the glued parts and do the same to the other side.
16. Put and spread glue to the inside of the book cover and lay a measured fabric on it. Press it down. Wait for it to dry.


Voila, you just made your lappy a unique cover!


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