Make A Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom Rug

Add some splash of colors and charm to any room in your house with this DIY pom pom rug. This project is super easy and fun to make. Although it’s a bit time-consuming, we promise you it’s going to be worth it all. You can use your rug as a wall décor, a table runner; adorn your mantlepiece for Christmas or other special occasions or a funky floor accent. Make one of these super plush rugs for yourself. Here’s how.



  • 22”x13” plastic cross stitching grid
  • Yarn in assorted colors
  • Scissors


1. Make pom poms in different colors. You can make as many as you like and in different sizes. Leave at least 1 ½-2 inches of tail for each pom pom, so you can use it to tie the balls into the cross stitching grid

2. Think of a design before you arrange and attach them together

3. Attach the pom pom balls into the plastic grid starting from the corners. Insert one tail into the grid then take the other pom pom tail and insert into the grid in the opposite direction. Join them securely by making 2-3 knots

4. Continue the process till the plastic grid is filled with pom poms. Make your own color combination and design.

5. Once done, turn your rug over and cut excess yarn for a clean look

This tutorial will guide you and get you started in making hundreds of pom poms in different colors, sizes, and type of yarn. Create beautiful soft furnishings that you can flaunt – you just have to let your imagination run wild.


  1. Clover Sallie
  2. Jacqueline Kurak
    • Kathy McGrain
  3. Chrisanne
  4. Vedra


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