Make These Classy DIY Dollar Tree Store Home Decor

Aiming for some elegant and posh living room or working space? Well, today you are lucky because here is a video that will teach you some easy do-it-yourself decoration that looks high-end. They looked very classy that no one will think that they came from a dollar store.



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Frame Lanterns

– You will only need 4 5×7 picture frames, glue gun, and some glue. First using hot glue insert the glass and connect them all together in a square shape. In connecting one frame to another, be patient enough to wait for the glue to dry. And that’s it, just add any color or paint them. Now you can enjoy a rustic themed home or office for just a couple of bucks. Just add some candles inside and flowers to complement with your lantern.


Succulent Planter

– Add some green to your office or working space at home to minimize radiation and toxins in the air. Succulents can thrive even indoor with minimal water plus they real plants that are natural air cleaners and are lovely decoration. You just need 2 bowls, 1 glass, and a super glue. To begin with put some super glue to the lip of the cup. Put it face down on the center of the first bowl. Then add super glue on the top of the glass and stick the second bowl. Add some floral decorations and artificial moss and of course, your colorful succulents. Take the succulents out of the pot and arrange according to your preference.


Tiered Candle Holders

– Add some dimensions like heaven and earth drama effect. Grab some transparent and cheap candle holder and a plate. Put some glue on the rim of the candle holder and stick the plate on top of it and you’re done! Easy and quick to do right?


So what are you waiting for? Grab the things you need for this easy DIY project and make your home or office cozy and very sophisticated just like that of a five-star hotel.


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