Make These Beautiful DIY Paper Lantern

There are a lot of DIY paper lantern projects online and doing another one may just be annoyingly repetitive. The author of the video is going to teach you how to make a chandelier out of these colorful paper lanterns instead. If you know and watched the Tangled movie, one fantastic scene there is the flying of hundreds of paper lanterns in the memory of their lost princess. It resembles hundreds of fireflies flying up into the sky. It is very magical and bringing a touch of this idea into life is very wonderful too. It can be used for any occasion and will bring delight to everyone’s eyes. Here are a few steps and things you need to accomplish this project.




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You will need ready-made paper lanterns which you can easily buy. You can choose any style of paper lanterns. You can either use the common bamboo/Chinese-style or the one that is suggested by the author in the video which is the accordion style.

If you are going to use the bamboo or Chinese-style lantern. You can just go ahead and expand the ready-made lantern and insert the metal framework for it to stay in shape. For the accordion style, the framework is on the sides so you will just bring both sides together and twists the ends some wires to secure it.


The author made a medium sized chandelier using 3 lanterns that are 12 inches in diameter and 5 of it are 8 inches in diameter. In choosing what color of lanterns to use, be free. It doesn’t matter what color, for as long as it is pleasing to the eyes and matches your occasion’s theme.


First, assemble all the lanterns. You can use satin ribbons to bring all the lanterns together. Hang it all in the center using embroidery hoops or you can improvise by cutting the interior of a small plastic lid.


In hanging the lanterns, go first with the larger lanterns. Then cut ample length of ribbon and place it on the hoop and under the metal framework of the lantern. Tie 2 sides together and leave a little for the tail.


You can also add some lights to the interior if you plan to use it during the evening. To avoid accidents you can opt for the flameless battery operated tea lights or LED lights. Use floral wire to use as your light suspender. Wrap the floral wires around the candle. Twist the wire and form the end of the wire into a hook. Secure the wire with adhesive tapes and slide them inside the lantern by hooking it to the lantern’s metal frame.


Now you can enjoy a more festive and colorful event day or night.



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