Make This Awesome Arcade Marquee Lightbox Yourself

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s knows how exciting old school arcade games are. But it’ll be even more thrilling if we can bring back arcade games and have the new generation teens play them. We’re pretty sure they will appreciate it. Start with creating your own marquee lightbox and put back your old time favorite arcade game to life. This process will also help you learn some wood-works.


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  • Marquee (Make sure your marquee is reverse printed and applied to a 3/16″ acrylic)
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Switch
  • Power Adapter
  • Wire
  • White LED Strip
  • 3/16″ Router Bit
  • 5/8″ Wire Nails
  • 1 1/2″ Wood Screws
  • 6′ x 3.5″ x 3/4″ Pine Board
  • 1/8″ MDF
  • Soldering Tools
  • Drill
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Any type of saw
  • Routing Table


Step 1: Preparing the Wood

  • Use this image equation for reference to figure the lightbox sides.
  • Measure your marquee and plug the width for X and height for Y to get the dimensions of the wooden sides.
  • Once you have determined the measurements cut down the wood and try to be as accurate as possible for best results.
  • Then route a 1/8″ channel into each of the 4 sides starting with a 1/4″ inside.
  • Next, plug your width and height measurement into the backing equation.
  • Then, take your 1/8″ MDF and cut it down to the appropriate size.

Step 2: Cutting Electronics Spaces

Once everything is cut down, take the power adapter and switch and trace around them onto one of the longer sides (on the left side across from the channel). Cut out the space that was traced

Step 3: Assembly

  • Assemble the bottom and 2 sides. Then mark an inch from the side and 3/8″ from the bottom. Drill a pilot hole and finish with a wood screw. Repeat this process 3 times on the bottom having 2 screws to each side.
  • Flip the lightbox and add 4 more screws to attach it to the box.

Step 4: LEDs and Electronics

Cut 3 LED strips the same length as your marquee and arrangeĀ them according to this circuit diagram

  • Attach a 3″ wire to the positive pin of the power adapter. Attach the other end of the wire to a pin on the switch.
  • Next, take a 4″ wire and attach it to the adjacent pin on the switch then, attach a 3″ wire to the negative pin on the power adapter.
  • Tin all of the solder points, attach the wires and connect the led strips together in a snake-like pattern following the diagram above.
  • Attach the electronics using glue
  • Remove the backing of the LEDs and attach evenly across the back of the MDF. Lay the backing onto the lightbox then tack it in place with wire nails.

And you’re done. Put it on display and plug it in.
Make This Awesome Arcade Marquee Lightbox Yourself 2

Tell us your woodworking experience and don’t forget to send us pictures.



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