Make A One Of A Kind Bowl Using Buttons

We all have unused buttons laying around. They sit there… lonely, looking for a home. We know we should probably throw them away but now there’s no need! This DIY bowl made out of buttons will show you how to upcycle your old buttons into a trendy little bowl. They are fun to make, and you can use them as candy bowls, fruit bowls, pretty much anything you’d use a bowl for, even one to store buttons! See the full tutorial below on how to make your own button bowl. There’s also a list of materials needed for this project after the video.

credits:Ana | DIY Crafts

Here are the materials you need:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Bowl (size of your own preference)
  • Transparent school glue
  • Colored buttons

Additional Tips:

Do not be afraid to go crazy with your button bowl design. You can play with different sizes of buttons. You can also make your own patterns by using a variety of colors. Also, you can mix the translucent buttons from the opaque ones. Finally, if you opt for a smooth and shiny finish, we recommend that you use Mod Podge (affiliate link) after you are done with the final step. You can pick some up at or your local hobby/craft store




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