Make A DIY Marbled Pendant Necklace

Making your own marbled pendant necklace at home has never been this quick, easy and budget-friendly! These make the cutest thank you gifts for baby showers, birthday parties, or even wonderful keepsakes for those lasting friendships. The best thing about them is that people will think you put a huge amount of effort into them but the truth is, they are super simple to make.

Let’s learn how to make them by watching the video below. Happy crafting!

credits:Oh Joy!


  • Wooden geometric beads
  • Neon orange elastic cord
  • Brass screw nuts
  • Nail polish colors of your choice
  • Gold mailer tubes
  • Decorative paper
  • Primer
  • Dishpan or small tub
  • Copper wire


1. Paint the wooden beads with primer and let them dry.
2. Thread/string the beads on the wire and bend the wire in between each bead to prevent them from sticking together.
3. Fill a tub with room temperature water.
4. Slowly pour the nail polish, one color at a time.
5. Create your design using a skewer.
6. Slowly dip the wired beads into the water.
7. Let them dry.
8. Once the beads are all dried up, string the beads using a neon cord and add brass screw nuts on each side.
9. Tie the neon string with a knot.
10. For gifting, you can add a thank you note and the necklace inside the gold mailer tubes.



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