Little Tot Caught With Sister’s Lipstick All Over His Face And His Toys

They say that ‘Silence means yes’ especially when you have the obvious guilt in your face, and that is exactly what this little boy has. We understand that at some point of their younger years, kids always have something they fancy about but Damon is different… or maybe he just didn’t know yet what the thing’s purpose is.

When her big sister asks Mom if she took her make-up, they ended up being in little Damon’s room. This hilarious not-the-usual confrontation made this video worth watching. You can tell that cute Damon was interested in his sister’s red lipstick, so he decided to make over basically everything in his room, including the Minion and the cuddly monkeys.

Damon stays silent – but his guilty, red lipstick covered face said it all.

What do Hulk and Captain America have to say to this? Well, just like the others, they didn’t have any choice at all.


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