This Little Girl’s Got Her Priorities Straight!

A lot of kids may not know much about living in this world, but in some ways, they teach us a lot about how we can better our life. Like this young lady, who had already made a decision about marrying someone in the future…and her reason may sound a bit surprising for a five-year-old!

credits:Anna Graceman

The cute independent girl was preoccupied of landing a job first before marrying. In this video, she sends out a cute warning message to all her future boyfriends. She made it very clear that she wants to accomplish something in her life first before tying the knot. All she wanted was to fulfill “something that’s special,” which is definitely the most adorable thing we’ve ever heard!

At a young age, she had already developed a sense of passion and purpose in life. Kudos to her parents for obviously raising their kid right! 😉


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