Little Car, Big Horn… What Could Go Wrong?

All you need is a small electric car, a train horn, and a group of high-school jerks and you are all set to scare the hell out of people! If I had a car like this, I would drive around doing this all day. This humorous prank was uploaded by TV Norge, a Norwegian Youtube channel. Watch the video and see how these boys played a pretty hilarious epic prank!


The Norwegian comedians Ylvis, known for their viral song entitled “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” and also famous for covering other well-known songs and tunes (such as You Raise Me Up and the Star Wars theme music), installed a train horn in a small electric car and rolled around town to frighten people out of their wits. The comedy group definitely knows how to make their viewers burst into laughter! Some people are gifted with a great sense of humor, both in song and physical comedy like this!


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