Lazy or Just Conserving Energy This Pup Just Won’t Give Up

We are all guilty of being lazy. You know, slacking off, when there’s so much to do? It’s hard to feel motivated all the time… So much so, that even this adorable corgi feels like lying on his tummy the whole day. From the looks of it, this slothful whelp is not getting up anytime soon. This clip shows us a good example of those days when you don’t feel like moving a single limb.

credits: HypeDojo

Although feeling inactive for whatever reason it is, this Corgi tried his best to be a patient playmate for this lil poodle who initiates a feisty game of tug of war! The corgi just lay down like “Okay, just keep pulling and dragging… I can do this all day, though I’m lazy.” Sure he’ll never win the game over his poodle pal, but you can’t say he doesn’t make a great friend. 😉


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