Lab Chimpanzee’s See The Blue Sky For The Very First Time

More than 100 government-owned chimpanzees will get to start their new life at Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville, Louisiana. These chimps have spent their entire life in clinical testing laboratories enduring enduring untold numbers of experiements. They’ve never had the chance to experience what it’s like to be outside or interact with other animals without a cage in between them.

credits:The Humane Society of the United States

Some of them are almost 50 years old and thanks to Humane Society of the United States, these beautiful animals have finally been rescued! They can now live the rest of their lives with dignity in a habitat where they can live and interact freely.

According to, the chimpanzees are now making their way through “trying out acrobatics” and “chowing down on a tropical treat” in the sanctuary. They also get to spend quality time with their family. We’re happy to know that they are thriving in their new found home.

There are still wildlife chimpanzees out there that are waiting to be saved, hopefully someday all of them will get the chance to live their lives in relative freedom. Let’s do our part, and help protect them.


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