This Kitty Is Trying To Get On The Puppy Express

When this pooch told the kitten it got it’s back I don’t think it meant it quite so literally! This brave kitty furball desperately clings on this Australian Terrier’s side in an effort to climb its way on the pup’s back.  The canine pal was so confused and definitely not amused!

Facing left and then facing right, this dog tried its best to remove itself from the kitten’s firm grip. Finally, after a few rounds of going in circles the little guy triumphantly got rid of its unwanted passenger.

credits:America’s Funniest Home Videos

Apparently this is not the first time we’ve seen cats loving the piggy back ride, but this video is by far is our most favorite of them all!


Like this kitty riding a cockerel…


credits:yahoo au

This cat clings on a German Shepherd while he is enjoying his food.



This pet piggy…



This Golden Retriever with his “thinking cat” on?!



And of course, kitties won’t miss the slowest ride of their life!



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