Kid President Gives A Pep Talk And It’s Awesome

This cool kid definitely knows how to give encouraging words to everyone out there. Without a doubt, this little president possesses a healthy emotional outlook on life. He’s dedicating the video to his friend Gabby, who’s fighting with cancer. Yes, he is right! We all need a pep talk, regardless of age.


This kid encourages each one of us to do something inspiring and lift other people’s spirits. You can do it by giving somebody you know that needs encouragement, a pep talk. More than giving somebody a talk intended to make that person feel more courageous or enthusiastic in life, think of what you can do to make each day better for each other; the world a better place to live in.

Stop being boring. It’s time to act and care for other people’s feelings. Make somebody who needs a pep talk a reason to dance. C’mon it’s everybody’s duty, so pass on this video and make a difference in someone’s day, today!


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