This Kid Just Discovered Bacon And It’s Changed His Life

Who can’t resist the greasy, fatty and oh-so-mouthwatering bacon?! We don’t know about you, but this adorable baby is surely having one of the best experiences of his life… tasting this ever delicious meat candy for the very first time.

We aren’t sure if you can still remember, but most of us probably felt the same way too when this glorious slab of salty bacon first hit our taste buds.

credits:Tyler Beach

The delightful clip was taken last Christmas by Easton’s parents. They had just woken up that morning and decided to give their son a Christmas present that he’s going to enjoy again and again and again. It gets funnier when he starts saying the word “bacon”, repeating the word over and over, with great excitement! It was clearly a priceless moment and every second was worth watching indeed. I think the poor kid’s going to be hooked on bacon for the rest of his life. Oh dear, we really want some bacon now! 😉


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