Jessica’s Morning Routine Is Enough To Make Any Day A Great Day!

We might be dating ourselves a bit here but one of our favorite SNL sketches was the Daily Affirmations With Stuart Smalley. Well it’s time for Stuart to step aside because he’s got nothing on Jessica.

Not only is Jessica cutie, she is the definition of positivity! Someone call Webster’s because they seriously need a picture of her next to the definition of positivity.


When it comes to finding things to be joyful about, Jessica can list plenty. Her attitude is an inspiration and just plain infectious! In fact she’s positively bubbling over with joy! We couldn’t help but feel better watching her pump herself up. But it doesn’t stop there.

The people over at Maxwell House caught the Jessica Bug and featured her in one of their commercials. Although truth be told, we’re not sure if the world could handle Jessica after a few cups of coffee!

credits:valleyrallyguy’s channel

With positivity like that, this girl is definitely going places. With her outlook and confidence, she can’t be stopped!

Hey Jessica, want to be my life coach?


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