Japanese Super Speed Wrapping Explained!

Christmas is a few days away, have you wrapped your presents yet?! This tutorial by BeatTheBush will show us a flawless trick how to wrap presents perfectly every single time in less than thirty seconds.

The easy and clever wrapping technique is done by the staff of Takashimaya department store in Japan. No more struggling, wasted time and wrappers from the usual gift wrapping job. As you get familiar with the steps, wrapping gifts would be a lot quicker…the end result is a perfect and nicely wrapped box!


How to wrap your presents:

1. First make sure that your wrapping paper is big enough to fit the present.
2. Next lay the present in a diagonal position and make creases along the corners of the box.
3. Now turn it over on its side and secure the paper using a tape.
4. Finally, fold the paper again to the top and folding over.
5. You can attach a gift tag or a nice ribbon for finishing touches.


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