Is The Safe In Your Hotel Room Secure? This Might Shock You.

Safes inside your hotel room are not safe as you think they were. As a traveller, you’ll right away assume that these little metal boxes are made to keep all your valuable safe and secure. But how safe do you think are they?

In this video, Jim Stickley, a cyber security expert, will show you how he can easily unlock a hotel safe without leaving a trace.  He’ll only use a piece of metal similar to a paperclip and the right skill set to bypass the keypad code of the safe.



According to Jim, “[This brand of] safe is not the only type that is vulnerable to this, it just happened to be the one in my room on the morning when I had a few minutes to film it […] Obviously not all hotel safes have issues and I have by no means tested all the different types of safes out there.  But my concern is that there are enough that are vulnerable that people should understand that just because they put their items in the safe, that does not guarantee they are now secure.”

After watching the video, we are pretty sure you’ll never trust these easy-to-crack vaults again.


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