Insane Unboxing of Japanese Mini Burger and Fries

It might look bizarre, but yeah these type of products do exist.

Thanks to the Japanese people for coming up with the craziest products. Watching these unboxing videos of mini burger and fries miniature food by RRcherrypie is a little addictive. We love the minimal background noise and we just can’t get enough of listening to the sound of the foil packets being opened one by one,  mixing the ingredients step by step and most especially the ding of the microwave! 😉 Ok, so we were a little bored today… Here is the video, enjoy watching!


Mini Burger With Fries Unboxing

As per the uploader, the mini burger with fries has the following product details:

  1. The product name is ハッピーキッチン ハンバーガー and it cost 258 yen.
  2. Brand: Kracie
  3. It is edible. No artificial colours. No preservatives. This kit includes real chicken and pork as part of the raw materials. (It is not halal, kosher, or in anyway normal) and it is only 96 calories.
  4. According to RRcherrypie, it tastes like real hamburger, bread, cheese, ketchup, french fries and cola. He ate it after filming.


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