Incredible Saxophone Performance In An Empty Warehouse Will Give You Chills

His amazing talent will definitely give you chills!

Derek Brown is known for his innovative style of playing music, which he calls “BEATBoX SAX”. His way of playing the saxophone, combining it with his beat-boxing skills may sound unusual, but will absolutely blow your mind! The video below was captured in Lucky Buck Warehouse, Hillsdale, MI.


Derek is also well-known for his cover tunes on Youtube. He performed the song “Every Breath You Take” and his new cover song was “I Got Rhythm” by Gershwin. He also features a mix of his original compositions and even provides tutorials for those who want to learn how to play the saxophone.

Now staying in Chicago, he is performing with various bands and projects in his new hometown.

Apparently, he is not just an astounding musician but he has a pretty good sense of humor too! 🙂

Sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to his marvelous rendition of Bach Cello Suite by the famous Johann Sebastian Bach.


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