Impulsive Driver Running A Red Light Without A Care In The World

We’ve all been there – faced with the temptation of running a freshly turned red light so we aren’t late for our next meeting. Well let this video be a lesson in safety over impatience.



Were aren’t really sure what the guy driving the delivery vehicle was thinking when he ran the red light. One thing for certain though is this driver in Russia seems like he’s on a mission to get some where quick. To bad for him the laws of physics got in the way. The real victim here is driver in the black car, patiently waiting for the light to turn green only to be t-boned moments later.

Thankfully, there was a police officer there to film the whole thing. We don’t know what happened to the bus driver but I can imagine their insurance bill must have gone through the roof.

The moral of the story here is it’s better to be a few minutes late and wait for the light than a few hours late because you were the fool who tried to beat it.


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