IKEA: Furniture Or Funny? We Chose The Funny!

We’ve seen a lot of “annoy your girlfriend” videos, but this is by far our favorite and most clever of the bunch.

It’s a fact that men get easily bored when following their ladies around shopping, but this guy manage to make it fun. Simon Gilmore, the Australian behind this video, filmed and uploaded a snapchat of him making fun of the labels in Ikea.


He just recently moved in with his girlfriend, and the two of them went shopping to furnish their new apartment. While exploring the furniture store, he comes up with creative ways to use those goofy IKEA product names. What a great way to kill boredom! He clever enough to figure out that Swedish words written on Ikea labels are perfect for puns. Poor Dana didn’t find it so amusing, but we sure did! It’s true, Ikea will put your relationship to the ultimate test.


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