If These Quadruplets Don’t Put A Smile On Your Face Nothing Will

One baby laughing is cute, two laughing together is down right adorable, three and the internet is on the verge of shut down but 4 all giggling at the same time? It’s time to roll out the warm fuzzy cart because your heart is going to melt.

Here are the Mathias quadruplets giggling away.

credits:tipoo khan

That video first appeared on America’s Funniest Home Video’s in the early 2000’s. Over the course of their run on the show, the Mathias family has won hudnreds of thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder, their kids are absolutely adorable on film. They even took home $250,000 for winning funniest video of all time in 2006.

That’s not it, they’ve also been on Oprah, The Tonight Show and a feature in a Discovery Health Channel documentary called Super Quads.

That was then, now these adorable quadruplets are 14 years old. I bet they’re just as much of a handful now as they were then.

Here they are in 10th Grade.
From left to right: Anna, Mary Claire, Emily and Grace (August 2015)




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