When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your BFF For Life

Getting a wild animal as a pet might be a bad idea but not for this funny hottie, Jackson O’Doherty. In the “land Down Under”, wild animals and rare species have a special place and getting a comfy space in a human’s home is possible. Meet Damian, a joey that is capturing the hearts of million people around the world. Her hottie human saved her and decided to take good care of her since a very young joey can’t live on her own yet. Well, I think she likes the way Jackson bottle feeds her and now they are best of friends. Damian is adorably clingy and would go wherever Jackson go.


They go hopping all over the place and Damian has no plan of leaving her new mommy even at work. Damian is now truly a star because wherever she goes she’s drawing that special attention. Hmm, I don’t know but maybe after watching this video you might want a kangaroo too. Hmm well, that might take you to a bunch of legal documents, learn a lesson from Justin Bieber.


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