How To Remove A Ring Without Cutting It Off

Sometimes you just can’t get that dang ring off of your finger. Whether it’s because you put on a few extra pounds or some other reason there are times when you just have to get that ring off your finger. Always remember, don’t panic if you can’t take the ring off right away. Instead of cutting off your grandma’s wedding ring give this a try next time. All you need is an elastic strap (preferably an oxygen mask strap) and a willing finger.


Check out the video of Dr. Simon Carley together with his staff at the Centre for Evidence Based Emergency Care and learn how to save your ring without cutting it off. Forget about using lubricants like petroleum jelly, baby oil, soap, cooking oil, and more. This is probably the most safest and ingenious way to remove a stuck ring on a swollen finger.

Your cherished keepsake just might live to see another day.


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