How To Make An Oreo Notebook?

Twist it, lick it, write on it? Wait? What?! We are not really talking about scrumptious Oreo cookies here, but our do it at home project for today is inspired by the world’s favorite cookie.

Today you will learn how to make mini Oreo notebooks. Under the video we’ve listed out all the supplies you’ll need to build an Oreo notebook of your own! Let’s get started.


For this DIY project, you’ll need the following materials…

  • Chocolate Wafers
    • piece of cardboard
    • 2 kitchen sponges
    • 150 denier tights (brown)
    • double sided tape
    • needle & thread
  • Filling/Creme
    • 3 sheets of A4 printer paper
    • stapler
    • school glue
  • Other Supplies
    • a glass (or any smooth round object to be use as a stencil)
    • a pencil
    • a pair scissors

These DIY mini sandwich notebooks sure look like real Oreo cookies!

Here’s another quick look at the finished product.

Have any cool diy ideas? Let us know about them in the comments below!


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