How To Make A Home Made Earphone Case From Your Mint Case!

Here’s a simple way you can make an ear phone case from an empty Icebreakers Mint Case. After a few short simple steps you’ll never have to worry about scrounging around the bottom of your bag for a tangled mess of wires.


credits:Make It and Love It

  • First you just strip off the old product label from the case. Then with some help from your trusty bottle of Goo Gone you wipe off the adhesive residue.
  • Second, after you have a clean case drill two small holes at an angle. These holes are to hold a keyring and clip you can use to attach to your bag.
  • Third, you could be done here but some of us like to travel in style so it’s time to personalize your new case. All you need it a small swatch of fabric, a mug, a pair of scissors, and some glue.
  • Fourth, use the bottom of the mug to trace a circle on the fabric. Cut the fabric in a circle and then cut along the folding line of the case.
  • Fifth, use the glue to stick the fabric onto the case and walla!

Now  you have a trendy earphone case ready to attach to whatever you want.


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