How To Keep From Crying While Cutting Onions And 7 Other Quick Kitchen Hacks

This might not be baseball, but there sure as heck aint no crying in cooking either! One of my most dreaded things to do in the kitchen is to chop up onions. I can’t help it, after a minute or two I’m a blubbering wreck!

Well no more! Check this video out for an easy hack to prevent your chopping session from making it look like you just watched The Notebook for the first time.


Here are the other hacks the video covers

  • How to open a jar that keeps slipping in your hands.
  • How to figure out if an egg is still good.
  • How to naturally disinfect your cutting board. (Getting salmonella sucks! Trust us!)
  • How to peel an egg like a boss
  • How to keep brown sugar from turning into a brick
  • How to keep your glass of wine chilled.

We liked the onion one the best but the other six were pretty sweet too. We were always sketched out a bit by eggs nearing their expiration date but had no idea how to know if they were still any good. Now we know! The brown sugar hack also saved us a bunch. I can’t tell you how many bags of brown sugar we’ve thrown away in the past because they turn into bricks. Enough to build a little hut. Dang we should have built a brown sugar hut…

We hope you enjoyed the hacks. Now go sip that glass of chilled wine and feel like the kitchen boss that you are!


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