How To Dance To “Nippon Manju” The Kawaii Metal Way!

There are no other words to express this video other than… bizarre? and maybe crazy awesome?

You’d think it would be impossible to mix kawaii (Japanese for cute) and metal all at the same time? Wait til you see Ladybeard and LadyBaby teach you how to dance to the tune of “Nippon Manju”, the cutest and brutal way!


We had never heard of Ladybeard or Ladybaby for that matter, but Ladybeard is huge in Japan! He’s Australian and his real name is Richard Magarey. He is not only a singer, but he is also a famous wrestler and was seen on TV shows in Asia too. In 2013, he moved to Japan and that’s when the band Ladybaby started.  He prefers to call his personalized music genre “kawaii core”: a mix of kawaii pop and hardcore. We can only hope Ladybeard can come back across the pond and share his… art? with us.


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