How This Cat Gets Dinner Is Kind Of Awesome

This feline feeding machine is one heck of a creative idea for a tech-savvy cat owner! The machine dispenses food into a bowl every time the cat drops a ball inside it. This cat can keep busy hunting even while indoors.

Cats love to hunt outdoors because they are natural born predators. That’s why, Ben Millam (the owner) found a great alternative to help his cat fulfill its primal instinct through this feeding machine. Monkey the cat has been trained to hunt for dinner by looking for plastic balls hidden inside his home.

credits:Benjamin Millam

Ben had successfully trained his cat to use the feeding system by using a behavioral technique called “clicker training”, with methods called “shaping” or “forward chaining using.” In his blog, he also includ instructions on how he built the feeder. He also suggests that before you invest in building a feeder, you make sure your cat has been well-trained first.


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