His Reaction To Being A Granddad Is Priceless

Grandpas often like to put on a stern face and be the strong foundations of their families. They’re usually the ones we all go to when we need advice or a shoulder to lean on. But that doesn’t mean beneath that gruff exterior isn’t a bunch of warm soft fuzzies. This couple came up with a creative way to announce the big news to the grandparents. Putting up baby clothes, accessories on the wall and a big sign announcing the coming of their bundle of joy.

Watch this video as this dad learns he’s about to become a grandpa! What made it funnier is that he was not aware that every second is being taped on a hidden camera.


He couldn’t contain himself and we think that’s pretty awesome. Now, that is the real meaning of true love. We can only hope our own grandpas reacted the same way when they found out about us!


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