Hip Hop Music + Livestock Auctioneer = Cattlerap Sensation!

Step aside Jay- Z, Eminem, Snoop Dog and all the other rappers out there because a new rap sensation has taken the stage. Introducing… Cattlerap!

According to David Kamp, the musician and founder of this new music genre, a cattlerap song is made by adding hip-hop beats to a cattle auctioneering video.

He came up this awesome idea back in 2011, but it just recently blew the internet apart in May 2014 when the video of the phenomenal Rhett Parks, a Canadian cattle auctioneer and manager of Whitewood Livestock, went viral on the internet.

credits:Sergey Ivanushin

This only proves that an auctioneer’s chant does go well with rap instrumental beats. Park’s awesome video became so popular that you can now purchase and download this song on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Band Camp. Apparently cowboy/cattle rappers are now a thing these days and soon enough they just might top the billboard hot charts.

OK, probably not but it made us laugh!


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