Hiccups Can’t Keep This Little Singer Down

Singing in front of a big crowd is already a nerve-wracking experience, and if you get the hiccups?! Not for this adorable kid, though! Ethan Hall, 7 years of age, didn’t let his uncontrollable hiccups stop him from performing Australia’s national anthem in front of a big audience. The unexpected show happened at an Australian Baseball League game in Adelaide.


We just can’t beat the confidence of this young man and his determination to finish his performance. It’s pretty awesome to see him somehow managed to get through the whole song. If this happened to us, we probably would have made for the stands!

Footage of the performance shows various baseball players trying to control their smile. After the song, the people gave him a well-deserved huge round of applause for his effort! One of the commentators of the event even mentioned that his rendition was “absolutely priceless!” Well done Ethan! 🙂


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