Here’s How To Count Money As Fast As A Machine.

You could be in quite the pickle if you had fat stacks of cash and no counting machine. Well, fear no more, check out this human counting machine to learn how to whip through bundles of bills and get an accurate count. We can’t really imagine a situation where this skill would be useful, but it’s cool to watch.


The video above shows a Chinese woman (most likely) because the language she is speaking is Mandarin and the currency of the cash she is holding is Renminbi. She is here to show us how to efficiently count your money without the use of any counting machine.

The only thing I could think of is to make your fellow monopoly players jealous as you rapidly count their rent when they land on Boardwalk…

Now if we could just find some fat stacks of real cash we’ll be set. But then that would just be bragging and we’d rather buy a counting machine to do all the work while we sip on our margaritas.


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