He Sees Color For The First Time In His Life And Is Blown Away

His friend got him a pair of Enchroma eyeglasses for his birthday and his reaction is one of pure wonder and happiness! His priceless reaction wearing the glasses for the very first time was all caught on camera. These specialized eyeglasses for the colorblind allow him to see the world in full color. Imagine your reaction if you saw everything in limited shades and had a world of color unveiled for you


When they say they are color blind, it doesn’t mean that they only see the world in black and white. They actually see colors, but in a different way. A color blind person has the decreased ability to recognize colors. They have what they call a deficiency of color vision. These eyeglasses boost a person’s color vision by helping them see the right shades and hues of things around them. Thanks to the latest technology of EnChroma eyeglasses, now people with color blindness can finally recognize colors in a more vibrant way.


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