Have Band Will Travel? These Guys Take Touring To A New Level!

Now this is how you jam with your band on a highway like a boss. This is what we call the ultimate rock and roll rebel tour! The pimped out Harley with a built-in drum-set is owned by a Moscow-based musician named Alexander Ishutin. The customized motorbike is called a ‘mini bandwagon’.


According to the video uploader, Alexander thought that Moscow wasn’t an unusual enough place so to spice things up bit in his beloved city, he came up with the idea of customizing his motorbike by attaching a sidecar to it with a complete drum set and amplifiers.

Apart from his weird mission, that may seem silly, we think awesome, we also believe he did this to bring smiles to Moscow’s residents. Which he unquestionably did… and the commuters are loving it.

Even though it’s clearly unsafe, helmets anyone? We still find it highly entertaining. Just ride safe on the road guys and keep on rockin!


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