Grocery Shopping With A 2 Year Olds POV

Grocery shopping with our little ones can be such an exhausting task sometimes, but not for this little man. The video was recently featured by GoPro as their “Video of the Week,” and this is something you don’t want to miss!

Meet the adorable two-year-old boy named Henry who went to grocery shopping with his mom and dad with a GoPro, and this clip was an absolute heart melter! We’ve never seen a kid so enthusiastic and interested helping out with grocery shopping til we watch this.


At a very young age, it’s amazing to see how Henry managed to get himself familiar with the items they were supposed to buy at the store. The things he included on their cart were some cashew nuts, carrots, cherry, juice spinach, strawberries, and what he was most excited about…coffee! Well, can’t blame him, everyone loves coffee right?! All joking aside, we know he is too young for this. Maybe he got the idea because he sees his parents drink coffee most of the time?

These parents are doing an excellent job raising their kid right and healthy. It is certainly a good way to teach healthy habits to your kids while they are growing up because what they pick up when they are young will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they grow up.


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