This Great Dane’s So Jealous He Can’t Contain Himself!

We just can’t get enough watching this very amusing video of a jealous Great Dane! Dinky is green with envy when it was RoRo’s time to get some lovin’ from Daddy. Obviously, great Danes are massive dogs but very affectionate. This why, they are called “gentle giants.”


Just how difficult do you find splitting your time and affection between your two jealous pets?

The vid shows that it really doesn’t take too much to make Dinky jealous of RoRo. As the owner starts to stroke his rival, he started reacting expressing his jealousy by howling and growling. It’s so cute when Dinky made an attempt to get his Daddy to pet him by pawing at his arm. He can’t get in between Daddy and RoRo because he is told to stay on the couch. So funny that he can’t seem to accept that it’s RoRo’s time with Daddy. Dinky’s probably thinking that his incessant howling will put an end to his owners loving gestures to RoRo. Very clever.

Animal behavior experts say that dogs feel a wide range of emotions apart from jealousy. Of course, there’s embarrassment, anxiety, anger and, yes, dogs have pride, too!

What’s so hilarious in this clip was when Dinky had a hard time containing himself thus acted like a desperately rejected baby. The act made Daddy laugh out loud!


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