This Girl Is A Future Feminist Of The Year

What do you do when a smart kid complains about gender-stereotyped toys? This exasperated little girl clearly is very observant. And she’s talking a lot of sense. She’s wondering why there are “girl toys” and “boy toys.” Maybe it’s high time for toy makers to act on children’s increasing dissatisfaction at gender-stereotyped playthings. Could it be that social pressures, or perhaps culture hold a great impact on what children nowadays believe is an acceptable toy?


This little girl was smart to point out why girls have to buy the pink stuff and the boys can buy toys with many colors. And that girls want superheroes, too, as much as they love princesses and some boys also love princesses apart from superheroes.

Ahhh, clearly this very intelligent cute little girl named Riley is putting out a message for the toy manufacturers out there that the world of toys should be gender-free. Makes sense.


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