This Girl And Her Duck Are Inseparable

It’s quite common for kids to get attached to dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals, but this 5-year-old girl in Maine is surprisingly attached to her duck – and it isn’t the toy stuffed kind… It’s the real thing!

credits:CBS Sunday Morning

Most kids have fond memories of growing up with their family dog, not Kylie, though. It all started when Kylie’s mom brought home a baby duck that kept squawking in a box, When Kylie walked over and peeped inside the box, the duck suddenly became calm and quiet. That’s how their unique relationship started, and they were inseparable since then. Kylie named the duck “Snowflake,” probably because its feathers are pure white.

The duck would follow Kylie wherever she goes. They have always been together ever since. Snowflake is taken care of by Kylie like it is her own child. And it looks like the duck probably believes that Kylie is his mommy too! Aside from enjoying each day building great memories together, having Snowflake in the Brown’s household helps Kylie’s healthy emotional development as well. The best part is, at a young age, she already started accepting responsibilities. We totally agree that Kylies is going to an awesome mom someday. The duo’s story is truly extraordinary!


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