Get Gorgeous Nails Everytime With These 6 Beauty Hacks

Manicures make women feel elegant. Having nicely painted nails can be a good way to boost confidence. There is nothing more enjoying for most ladies, young and old alike, than sitting in the salon having their nails done and walking out with fresh and nicely polished attractive nails that will certainly turn heads. But wait, some women prefer to do their own manicure. If you are one of them, surely you would love these awesome nail hacks!

1. Use a base paint coat before putting on your favorite color.

Base coat not only makes your favorite nail color last for a few days, but it also protects your nails from polish stains.


2. Can’t wait for your nails to dry up? Dip it in icy water.

Immerse those freshly painted nails in icy cold water for a minute or so to dry up fast.


3. Use glue for a neat finish.

Put some glue into a small bowl, add water and mix well. Brush a thin coating on your cuticles. Wait for it to dry before you apply your polish. Once the nail polish is dry, carefully peel the glue off. With this trick, you need not worry coloring outside the lines. Saves you time for cleaning up the edges. Smart!


4. Hard to remove glitters? Use aluminum foil.

Use acetone saturated cotton ball to put on your nail and wrap it with an aluminum foil. Keep it soaked for some time then make sure you twist the foil wrapped cotton before you remove it. Presto! No more glitters!


5. How to achieve the matte look.

Get a bowl or glass of hot water and hold your freshly painted nails over the vapor. This trick mattifies your nail color.


6. Easily open stuck nail polish cap.

Warm water to the rescue. Dip the bottles’ lid into the water for a few seconds and you should be able to open it easily.


Giving yourself a manicure can be a time-consuming task. These hacks should help you do it effortlessly. It may be a simple job to do for yourself, but it can change the way you feel. Happy nail painting!


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