Fruit Hacks For The Rest Of Us

Don’t you just enjoy discovering ways that make your life easier? It is okay to take some shortcuts every now and then for as long as you’re not breaking any law, of course. And when it comes to something everybody loves doing like eating, no one is going to stop you. From DIYs to life hacks, here is something that will make your eating habit simpler. Here is a list of surprisingly helpful fruit hacks.


1. Get Rid Of The Stinky Smell Of Durian

Here’s a great tip to get rid of the notorious smell of this fruit. Rub your hands with the Durian’s seed while washing in running water. No more stinky hands for sure!

2. The Right Way Of Eating An Apple

Apparently we’ve been eating apples the wrong way. A better way to munch on this fiber enrich fruit–eat it from the bottom. No core, no mess. just all goodness.

3. Easy Way To Cut A Watermelon

Tedious to cut, messy to eat — watermelons are really hard to work with. The easiest way to prepare them? First, place it on a chopping board and cut in half. Get the first half and slice it lengthwise. Spin it around and cut the other way. Voila! No mess, no fuss, summer fruit delight. Enjoy!

4. A Tidy Way Of Enjoying A Watermelon Slice

As mentioned earlier eating watermelon could get so messy. A simple trick how to prevent the sides of the watermelon from touching your face is to slice both ends of the rind.

5. How To Peel A Kiwi

Simply cut the fruit in half and scoop out the flesh using a spoon. Another trick, cut both ends of the kiwi and spoon it around the flesh.

6. Easy Trick When Eating Bananas

The sap of this popular yellow fruit can really make you go bananas. A less irritating way to eat it? Peel the banana from the bottom!

7. How To Eat Strawberries

Now you don’t have to cut the green top of strawberry using a knife. The best way to do it is to punch a drinking straw at the bottom of the fruit. Easy-peasy and you save most out of the fruit!

8. Remove The Flesh Of Mangoes Easily

Enjoying a slice of a mango doesn’t have to be with its skin. Hold a slice or mango cheek and slide the flesh off using the mouth of a glass.

9. Slice Grapes In One Go

Slicing a bunch of grapes for salads can get tiresome. An easier way to prepare them is to grab two plates. Flip the bottom of the first place and then place the grapes on top. Cover with another plate, hold it in place and use a knife to slice through the middle. No more slicing one by one.


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