Freya the “Loneliest Dog” Appears in New Transformers Movie: The Last Knight

Did you miss Optimus Prime or Bumblebee already? Here’s the hottest buzz. Your favorite film Transformers is currently filming its sequel, Transformers: The Last Knight. But FYI, this film is not only going to entertain you but will inspire more hearts because of their newest cast.


Netizens, introducing Freya, Michael Bays’ newest darling. Well, I am not referring to a hot, curvy and enhanced actress but I am referring to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is ironically dubbed as “The World’s Loneliest Dog”. Why? Because this pitiful dog had been rejected for adoption for 18,000 times. Who wouldn’t be lonely if thousands of people disliked you? Freya stayed 6 years of her life in a shelter and she suffered epilepsy, poor dog. Ever felt the pain when your crush said your ugly? Multiply that pain by thousands and that’s how terribly sad this dog may have felt.

But it’s very inspiring how the bitter life turned sweet when Freya caught the attention of the award-winning Holywood Director Michael Bay and will be featured in the coming sequel of the Transformers film.

Surely aside from the millions of fans all over the world who are eagerly waiting for the next Transformers movie, Freya will attract millions of curious souls and dog-lovers to watch the movie. What role will the canine darling play? On who’s side will she be an ally? Will she be with the Decepticons? Or Autobots? Will this now charming dog turn into Transformers too or an adorable sidekick? Millions will surely watch out for that and I could not wait for June 2017! See you soon in theater’s folks!


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