Foo Fighters + Rick Astley + West Boro Baptists = Priceless.

Make way for the Foo Fighters!

After members of Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest at one a Foo Fighter’s concert in Kansas City, the band decided to fight back with a little love by taking bringing the gift of music to WBC fanatics. The band members arrived on a pickup truck, wearing their colorful outfits and holding up their own signs reading “Keep it Clean” and “You got Rick Roll’d (again)”. Then they dance away to the tune of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley in front of the haters who are protesting.


The swarm of fans yelling only proves that Foo Fighters had pulled off another epic stunt. This should be a reminder to us all that great revenge is best served with a Rickroll!


This isn’t the first time the Foo Fighters hijacked the protest of Westboro members. Back in August 2011, they came up with an impromptu stage performance, singing “Keep It Clean”.


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