Flying Drone Knocked Over By 2m Wedge-Tailed Eagle

When the humans go to war with the robots, it will actually be the animals that rescue us from our evil robot overlords.

A drone flying in Australia learned the hard way not to mess with this taloned hunter. The drone barely captures its fate on video before the talons have him whirring quickly down to Earth. The drone’s operator also issues a statement that the eagle was perfectly ok after this interaction with the drone.

credits:Melbourne Aerial Video

You might be able to mess with people’s privacy with your drone but the eagles say stay the heck out of our back yards!

This isn’t the first case of animal on drone violence either. Other animals have also been caught on drone footage, attacking the flying drones. In a Netherlands zoo, keepers there reported chimps and apes grabbed long sticks to swing drones out of the sky.

Animals 1 Drones 0

Hats off to our animal saviors, keep up the good fight!


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