Fashion Hacks You Won’t Want To Live Without

Looking fabulous doesn’t always have to be pricey. This is taking your being a fashionista to a whole new level minus spending a lot of moolah. These very simple fashion hacks allow you to add edge while focusing on getting the most out of your shoes, clothes, and other favorite items.

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No need to throw your scratched and scuffed shoes that lost its shine or remove the smudge on your favorite shirt as easy as 1-2-3! All it takes is for you to have the right tool for the right job. Guess what? You can find a whole stack of the right tools within your reach when you need it.

With these amazing hacks, you don’t need to regularly update your closet with the latest fashion trends to look chic.

1. Make your favorite suede shoes look like new

If your suede shoes have dirty marks, try removing them with a nail file. This should buff the dirt away. Suede is a type of leather with a velvety surface, so be careful and just buff it gently, so you don’t cause further damage.

Here’s a good tip on how to keep your suede shoes:

When you’re not wearing your shoes, make sure that you store them in a dry place, wrap them in a thin, soft paper to protect them from dust and bright light, which can fade suede. Put them in a carton shoe box and never keep them in plastic bags or container to avoid humidity. That’s how easy it is to spruce up your suede shoes in no time!


2. The best solution to fix a popped button

In a hurry? Perhaps you’re meeting someone and you’re running late. Well, we all had this experience at one point-fix that loose button on the shirt you’re wearing and you have no time to do it.

When something goes wrong with your wardrobe, it’s definitely an emergency, especially when you are already out and don’t have a sewing kit with you. Here’s a surprising hack that you can do to fix that problem in a jiffy. Use clear nail polish as a last minute adhesive. Take the frayed thread and dab a small amount of clear nail polish on the button. This should fasten that loose button on your shirt instantly. Keep in mind, that this isn’t a permanent fix, so make sure to re-sew it in place, before you wash the shirt.


3. Quick fix for dull and dusty leather shoes

At last, here is the tip that you have all been waiting for! How to make your dull leather shoes look like new again? Just grab your facial moisturizer. Well, you might think it’s funny that your cream based moisturizer can supply the nutrients it needs, but hey, a lot of leather shoe fans do swear by it!

You do this step by step applying a little moisturizer to soften up the leather, massage lightly for the leather to absorb the moisturizer better, as well as, remove any dirt or dust. After applying the moisturizer, you will see that your shoe is in its top condition again! That’s how easy it is to rejuvenate a leather shoe.


4. Broken underwire bra fix

You don’t need to put up with popping out bra wire digging into your skin. There’s a real quick remedy for that without throwing your pricey undergarment into the bin. Use a band-aid. Just stick the padded portion of the strip over the metal wire that’s sticking out. This should hold the wire in place and prevent it from jabbing you.

Here’s a good point to remember when shopping for a new bra:

Although underwire bras were designed to give good support, lift, and great shaping, not all fit the same way. Some wires dig into your breast when they pop out of their covering. So, before you pick one, make sure to check the wire casing and bra assembly. A good quality underwire bra has wires wrapped in a casing and sewn underneath the band for more comfort.


5. Getting rid of lipstick stains on fabrics

Lipstick stains on your favorite piece of clothing or bedding don’t have to mean the end of it. Stain removal can be a relatively easy procedure with the right technique, of course. To remove lippy marks on a fabric, just squirt some hairspray on the area that’s stained then toss it in the washer. Turns out that hairspray is a great stain buster. Disaster prevented with your swift action using this quick guide!


6. Fixing a stuck zipper fast

Petroleum jelly is the best way to make a stuck zipper work smoothly up and down again. Before you rub a small amount on the area where it’s stuck, check for something that might be caught in the zipper. Once you have applied petroleum jelly or Vaseline, try pulling and wiggling the zipper gently towards the lubricated area. Voila! That’s a little effort done there to get your zipper going again!


7. Buff away scuff marks on your shoes

Indeed, for every problem, there is a solution! You can easily get rid of scratch marks on your shoe with just a dab of Vaseline and a cotton swab to buff away the mark until it’s totally gone. At times, you may have tried applying shoe polish, but doing so wasn’t sufficient to conceal scratches. This simple trick will save you from buying a new pair each time you notice scuff marks on the shoes that you often use.


8. Keep your denim smelling fresh even without washing

Who wouldn’t want to wear clothes that smell fresh and clean all the time? But what if you don’t like washing your denim often? If you are one of those that don’t like washing their denim after every use, then you got to do this trick. Here’s a good hack to keep your denim odor-free for the next use. Grab a ziplock bag, fold your jeans and put it in the plastic then freeze it for 8 hours. This technique kills the bacteria and freshens up your jeans.


9. How to keep you bra straps from showing

Going to wear a racerback or halter top, but don’t have the proper brassiere for it? Here’s a very simple solution. Use a paperclip to tie or hold your bra straps together and create a racerback. This should keep your bra straps from slipping. Achievable, isn’t it?


10. A good way to remove make-up stains from your shirt

Here’s another effective clothing hack to save you money. Shaving cream, apparently, is the best way to get rid of makeup stains on clothing. Ladies, this always happens to us, especially when we try to put on that white top. If you happen to smear your most loved tank top, don’t fret. Just grab your man’s shaving cream from the bathroom, spray it on the stain, and rub it down a bit before tossing the shirt into the wash. Your shirt will come out with no traces of the stain.


There you go, folks! Just by using a battery of money saving techniques, you can still be astonishingly chic for considerably less cash.


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