Famous Photographer Sees And Reveals True Beauty

Famous photographer Rick Guidotti left the world of fashion to pursue a greater cause. He’s taken it upon himself to show the world that real beauty is not just on the cover of fashion magazines. There are people all over the world born with genetic conditions and as a result they aren’t confident with how they look. Guidotti uses his skills to show them that they possess just as much beauty as anyone else in the world.


For his project, he picked models who weren’t famous and were born with various genetic conditions such as albinism. He first met a young woman with albinism named Margaret Bree, and he was able to completely change how she sees herself.

His photos are able to boost the confidence and self esteem of the people who deal with their own perceived conditions. The images he took are beautiful and striking. We admire Guidotti for his work and for changing the way people perceive beauty.


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